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Document Management


PROSCAN® Charlotte helps their customers implement a electronic document management system which helps manage workflow, saves time searching for documents, and keeps your electronic files secure.


Document Scanning


PROSCAN® Charlotte takes your existing documents and creates a searchable online database that will index all of your important documents from top to bottom. Your database will be stored as searchable PDF files, making it easy for you.


OCR Scanning


PROSCAN® Charlotte offers OCR - optical character recognition software, which allows our system to index every word on each document, meaning all your information is completely searchable.


Smart Search


PROSCAN® Charlotte's Smart Search tool allows you to search across numerous databases all from one system. Medical, legal and business documents are easily indexed and labelled for effortless retrieval.


The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Scanning Needs

As a business owner in the Charlotte Metro area, you know good record-keeping is critical to the success of your business. But if you’re still relying on paper documents to store sensitive information about your business, employees, or customers, you may be experiencing unnecessary clutter, reduced productivity, poor customer service, and security threats. Converting to electronic file-keeping using a document scanning solution can significantly improve your business.


How Document Scanning Can Help Your Charlotte Business

  • Eliminate clutter and reduce storage space requirements
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Improve security measures
  • Ensure compliance with data protection, privacy and retention laws
  • Enable quick and easy access to information via an online document management system
  • Provide a full document audit trail


Why Choose PROSCAN® for Your Charlotte’s Business?

PROSCAN® is a full-service document scanning and imaging company. Our customizable document management services enable our Charlotte customers to reduce costs and increase productivity. We offer:

  • Quick and professional installation
  • Quality document management solutions
  • Competitive pricing
  • A knowledgeable team trained to provide top-notch service


Our Process

At PROSCAN®, protecting your security is our top priority. ProScan ensures the highest level of protection throughout all stages of the scanning and indexing process. Call us today at 704-966-2004.


Reduce Physical Storage

The paperless office may not be a reality yet, but with our advanced document scanning and management suite you can reduce your physical file storage by thousands of square feet. Even better, you’ll be able to access files right from your desk.


Find Anything in Seconds

PROSCAN® Charlotte’s comprehensive document management solutions put information at your fingertips, allowing you to find what you need in mere seconds. You can search for documents by file name, and all the content within the documents is searchable as well.


Share Documents Easily

Now you can easily share documents with employees at multiple locations, as well as clients and vendors—no more faxes or couriers!


The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Scanning Needs

With PROSCAN® Charlotte’s document management solutions, you can easily monitor and control access to documents to make sure no sensitive information falls into the wrong hands, as well as easily backup data to protect it from loss or permanent damage.


Learn more about ProScan and how our scanning process and document management can help your company reduce costs.


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