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Do you want all your documents scanned and organized quickly? Here at PROSCAN® Charlotte we take pride in our software’s ability to adapt by taking into consideration the way our clients want their documents and information stored and organized. Our software works for you, with powerful functionality that will enable your business to reach new levels of efficiency. Original document data can be abstracted and coded in order to keep all relevant information with the electronic file.

Our PROSCAN® Charlotte smart search software allows your to deliver your document anywhere at anytime from multiple devices. Our software will keep your processes consistent and your office productive all while offering you the same capabilities from your desktop to your mobile devices. Our program also integrates with other business applications to make your work processes easier and more efficient. On top of integration with multiple devices and systems our security and auditing program provides user-based sign-in access, and keeping archived documents. The audit trail will document all changes and actions made by date and user.

PROSCAN® Charlotte Smart Search tool allows you to search across numerous databases from one place. Legal, medical, and business documents are easily indexed and labelled for effortless retrieval. If you have any questions about our software, don’t hesitate to contact us! (704) 966-2004

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