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PROSCAN® Charlotte’s Environmental Partnership

Would you believe us if we told you that the average office produces approximately 1.5 pounds of paper waster per employee, each day. Believe it or not that is an average of a ton of paper every year! Many businesses may not take into consideration how much they are paying for items that are often thrown away a short time later. This is why at PROSCAN® Charlotte, our environmental partnerships are a key feature in the document management solution.

Through PROSCAN® Charlotte’s environmental partnership, we believe that green practices are a growing area of interest for businesses and individuals alike. According to Gartner, a large research company, “corporate social responsibility will soon become a higher executive-level priority than regulatory compliance.” PROSCAN® Charlotte cares about protecting the world around them and helps transform not only your paper documents into electronic documents which will increase productivity, efficiency, and retrieval time, but also contributing to sound environmental management.

Document management systems, like the ones PROSCAN® provides for its customers, play a key role in helping businesses and individuals achieve greener workplaces. These management solutions replace printing, manual filing with electronic processes, enables companies of all sizes to eliminate paper consumption and waste. Implementing a document management system is a simple and cost-effective way to contribute to a greener environment while still meeting your business objectives.

Through our partnership with PROSHRED®, PROSCAN® Charlotte also arranges for all of the paper, media, and other materials that we shred for you to be recycled into other products at local landfills. If you have any questions regarding our environmental partnerships, please call us for more details.

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