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PROSHRED®  Security – a sister company of PROSCAN® Solutions – is a locally owned world leader in the onsite destruction of documents and hard drives. We help large businesses and local residents securely safeguard private information, maintain legislative compliance, and protect their public image.

PROSHRED® is located throughout the United States, is proud to offer document shredding services to any businesses client, regardless of its’ size. Because we have the fastest and most advanced shredding equipment in the industry, we are able to quickly, efficiently and securely destroy your papers right at your location.


No Fuel Surcharges

PROSHRED® is one of the few on-site shredding companies that does not charge additional fees for fuel, no matter where our clients are in our service areas.

No Management Fees

Our clients are never charged any type of management fee. Many of our competitors charge this fee and do not inform you until after starting their service.

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On-Going Paper Shredding Services

With our regularly scheduled mobile paper shredding service, we design a customized security program to ensure that your confidential documents are continually serviced. We don’t bind our clients to contracts; rather, we deliver a dependable service tailored to meet the level of security and accountability that’s required for each job. Whether you have one employee or thousands, we develop a plan for document shredding service on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule that best meets your needs. Once your program is established, our staff and internal software systems ensure timely and consistent service.

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One-Time Purge Shredding Services

Outdated files take up valuable space, increase your risk of a breach in confidentiality, and potentially compromise your compliance with the law. With one of the fastest and most advanced shredding equipment available today on-board our shredding trucks, we are able to quickly, efficiently, and securely destroy your documents right at your location. Te quantity of your file boxes can go up usually near accounting and tax cycles every single year, it is important to know when you are legally bound to destroy confidential documents.

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Drop-Off & Residential Shredding Services

With PROSHRED®, we extend our shredding services to more than our core business clients and institutions. We are proud to offer paper and document shredding services to small-business and residential clients who can come to our locations to shred on our site. We know that confidential information is stored well beyond the work place of our customers, therefore we are proud to provide one of the most secure shredding methods available with our document shredding trucks – the same trucks that we use to shred for our larger clients.

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Hard Drive Destruction Services

In addition to shredding your confidential documents and electronic media, PROSHRED® provides hard drive destruction services for end-of-life-cycle computers. PROSHRED® has a complete line of hard drive shredders and crushers to meet the need of any type of shred size. As more consumers and businesses switch to cloud-hosting and cloud memory, the need for old physical hard drives becomes obsolete. It is very important for users, and in many times they are legally obligated, to fully shred hard-drives to absolute destruction.

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