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Review of Document Management Software Products

document management options

Core Product – SmartSearch Professional Edition

The SmartSearch core product suite delivers a highly intuitive foundation for Content Management with powerful tools for effectively managing images and electronic content. The core product provides the ability to store, search, and manage documents through the included SQL 2012 Express database engine (may use existing instance of SQL 2005, 2008, 2012). Standard features include Web and LAN access, Image Annotations, Image Separation, Image Enhancement, Bar Code Recognition, KeyFree Indexing, Email Delivery, Database Look-Ups, Email Notifications, Audit Trail Reporting, Check-In/Check-Out and version control, as well as TWAIN based document scanning.


The GlobalSearch platform extends the reach of your SmartSearch installation beyond traditional LAN, WAN, or VPN access, by delivering anywhere, anytime access to documents from any browser or mobile device. As the next generation of ECM technology, GlobalSearch is optimized for the browser. Regardless of the web platform, GlobalSearch provides the speed of a desktop experience for mobile users, whether you’re on Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

Work XChange:

Work XChange is a powerful workflow extension to SmartSearch, allowing users to automate virtually any document-driven process within their organization. Work XChange provides a flexible pallet of tools for creating activities, which are based on pre-defined conditions being met. Options include: conditional routing of documents, email notifications, status escalations, document checkpoints for matching or exceptions, metadata updates to support event-based workflow triggers, and the automated export of data for the direct feed of information to other lines of business applications. Work XChange allows the user to define how the flow of information is determined, based on the unique needs of their organizational processes. It also supports the unattended execution of workflow activities through fully-automated workflows, which are triggered by an event or user-initiated workflows, where a staff decision is required.


GlobalForms puts the power of web form creation at the fingertips of even the most novice users. Via a simple browser based interface, GlobalForms gives anyone with appropriate security the ability to create rich, dynamic web based forms. Features include: the ability to create customized forms through a highly intuitive drag-and-drop web interface, and the ability to establish commands that drive actions such as routing forms, sending email notifications, and circulating for approval. GlobalForms is also able to capture data through your new web form, and use the captured data to populate any PDF document, without the need for an Adobe license.

Automated Extraction:

Automated extraction is an advanced data extraction tool that uses OCR to provide automatic data capture. It utilizes powerful image enhancement options, page registration for the correction of paper shifts during the scanning process, and confidence-based reporting to ensure that users get the highest quality of data extraction from their documents.


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