The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Scanning Needs

Outsourcing Your Scanning Needs

If you’re a business owner in the area, you are likely familiar with how critical good record keeping is for the overall success of your company. In an effort to remain organized, you need to document information on a day-to-day basis. Regardless of whether you’re sharing or storing information about your business, employees, marketing plans, budgets, or customer, many companies are still recording and storing details on hard copy paper. While it may seem like a suitable solution, unfortunately, as time goes on it can be difficult to manage information properly. In this age of technology and fast-paced working environments, relying on paper documents as a primary source of record keeping can cause unnecessary clutter, lack of productivity, lack of quality customer service, and security threats.

Converting to electronic file keeping means data is immediately accessible, and right at your fingertips at all times. In some situations, files may need to be obtained in a moment’s notice; document scanning and electronic records keeping gives you this ability and much more. Most importantly, document scanning solutions provide an effective means of security for your business. You will benefit from peace of mind in knowing that by transferring to electronic records management, your business is also implementing solutions that are in compliance with privacy and retention laws.

Additional Advantages of Document Scanning

  • Recover office space for your Charlotte Metro area business
  • Benefit from an increase in employee productivity; spend less time searching for documents
  • An organized and clutter-free office environment
  • Improved security measures and peace of mind
  • Compliance in regards to data protection
  • Quick and easy access to information via an online document management system
  • Full audit trail can be requested with detailed history

Why Choose PROSCAN Solutions® for Your Charlotte Business?

PROSCAN Solutions® assists companies of all sizes and industry backgrounds in Charlotte with document management solutions that allow them to make an effortless and quick change to electronic record keeping and paper-on-demand. PROSCAN Solutions® continuously looks for new ways to offer the most complete and progressive service for its customers. At PROSCAN Solutions®, the biggest priority is to assist companies throughout Charlotte with cutting down on their internal costs, such as those associated with document storage and retrieval. Our customers can limit their storage and retrieval costs while they also improve their overall productivity and efficiency levels.

PROSCAN Solutions® is a full-service document scanning and imaging company that offers scanning and document management services which can be customized according to individual needs. Since each client has different goals in mind, PROSCAN Solutions® is proud to offer a combination of different resources and tools so that it’s easy to customize services to the specific needs of our  customers.

  • We supply competitive pricing
  • Scanning services are completed quickly and professionally
  • We use quality equipment, backed by our knowledgeable team who are all trained to provide top-notch service
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At PROSCAN Solutions®, protecting your security is our top priority. PROSCAN Solutions® ensures the highest level of protection throughout all stages of the scanning and indexing process; your business can trust in our specialists for information that is always available to access.
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