What is OCR?

OCR scanning

Optical character recognition (OCR) is the process of converting text on paper documents into digital text. With OCR, a document, photo, or another type of image that contains text is scanned, then the OCR software identifies any text on the page and translates it from an image into a text file, so it can be read and edited in an electronic document format.

OCR is used in cases where a document contains text that is readable by humans but not by machines, such as a newspaper, a printed brochure, or even a plain text document that does not exist in electronic form.

By using optical character recognition services, you can easily convert hundreds or even thousands of paper documents into electronic files without having to manually re-enter text into a word processing program such as a Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

Using OCR to convert paper documents to electronic files saves time, reduces physical storage space, improves document security, and indexes documents so they are easily searchable for faster assess to information.

Optical Character Recognition Services from PROSCAN® Charlotte

Convert all your materials into digital PDF format in just a few minutes using PROSCAN® Charlotte’s optical character recognition services. Our OCR software will convert your paper documents into editable electronic documents that look just like the original.

The best part of our OCR software? It is included as part of every PROSCAN® Solutions document management package! We also provide a standalone option.

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