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Frequently Asked Questions

PROSCAN® Solutions offers complete document management and scanning solutions for organizations of all sizes. Our services include:

Documents are indexed for retrieval using customized naming conventions. Additionally, documents can be run through an OCR (optical character recognition) engine, which reads the document’s text and creates a completely searchable file. After viewing your documents and consulting with a representative, PROSCAN® Solutions can help determine your needs and develop a plan that will optimize your search capabilities and increase efficiency.

Documents can be indexed and filed according to your specific needs.

PROSCAN® Solutions can provide your electronic documents in any output and format that is required. If we are integrating your documents with already existing document management software, then we will provide you with the load files required by your program. If you do not currently have a document management software, PROSCAN® Solutions can provide licensing to our software program, or can provide the files to you on electronic media.

Jobs are quoted individually, and pricing is based on the volume of work and a variety of other factors. After viewing documents and consulting with the client, PROSCAN® Solutions will develop a specific plan and provide pricing based on the plan developed.

By converting paper records into electronic files, document scanning enhances a company’s efficiency, shareability, savings, and security regarding its vital documents. This transformative process eliminates clutter, enabling seamless electronic sharing of documents with remote workers, and facilitates searching among the extensive archives your business maintains, which may amount to thousands or even millions of documents. Moreover, document scanning allows employees to be more productive and can contribute to increased profitability, particularly for organizations by eliminating storage expenses.

By scanning your company's documents, you can guarantee the secure and efficient storage of all data, minimizing the chances of exposure or loss. The process of document scanning provides numerous safeguards to ensure the protection of sensitive information. As documents are transformed into digital formats, additional layers of encryption and password protection are applied, making it significantly more challenging to compromise the data. Document scanning also allows businesses to monitor and track document access, allowing them to identify individuals who accessed specific documents, track the timing of access, and document any modifications made. This comprehensive record serves as a reliable "paper" trail, enhancing the security of auditing processes.

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