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Book Scanning Services

Book and Archive Scanning Services, offered by PROSCAN® are essential for preserving and enhancing the accessibility of valuable documents and books. Firstly, they transform physical copies into digital formats, ensuring long-term preservation. Additionally, digital formats are easily accessible, searchable, and shareable, making them perfect for research and reference. Furthermore, these services are critical for saving space and reducing physical storage needs. Finally, by digitizing documents, institutions and individuals safeguard their information against physical degradation and loss.

Books Scanning Services

Why Choose Book Scanning Services?

Quality and Accuracy

PROSCAN®'s scanners are equipped with advanced technology capable of capturing high-resolution images of each page. This ensures that every detail—from the text to the fine prints in illustrations—is preserved with utmost clarity. Unlike standard home scanners, professional equipment often includes features like color correction and page flattening technologies that enhance the quality of the digital output. This level of detail is crucial for research materials, rare books, and archives where fidelity to the original is paramount.

Speed and Efficiency

Professional book scanning services are designed to handle large volumes of books quickly and efficiently. Using automated processes and high-speed scanners, professionals can digitize books much faster than manual or DIY scanning. This rapid processing capability is essential for projects with tight deadlines or for organizations that need to digitize their collections within a specific timeframe.

Non-Destructive Scanning

One of the key benefits of professional book scanning is the ability to use non-destructive methods. Many valuable books cannot be subjected to the stress of being pressed flat or bound tightly. Professional services use specialized equipment that can scan books without damaging the spine or binding, making it ideal for handling rare, old, or fragile books that require gentle care.

Security and Confidentiality

PROSCAN®'scanning services adhere to strict data protection regulations to ensure the security and confidentiality of the documents being scanned. This is especially important for sensitive materials, such as legal documents, private collections, and proprietary research. Professionals ensure that all handling and digitization processes maintain the integrity and privacy of the content, with measures in place to prevent unauthorized access or data breaches.

Additional Services

Beyond just scanning, professional services often offer additional features like Optical Character Recognition (OCR), which converts scanned images into editable and searchable text. This functionality is invaluable for academic researchers, businesses, and anyone who needs to interact with their digital documents more dynamically. Furthermore, professionals can provide metadata tagging, indexing, and archival-quality digital formats that enhance the usability and accessibility of digital copies.

The types of Book Scanning Services

Large Format Scanning Newspapers


We scan educational materials, including textbooks from schools and universities. These are often used to create digital libraries that provide students and educators with easier access to resources.

Architectural Mock Ups

Rare and Antique Books

Special care is given to rare and antique books that require non-destructive scanning methods. Our equipment ensures that these books are preserved without harming their bindings or pages, maintaining their historical value.

Large Format Document Scanning

Manuscripts and Archives

Manuscripts, personal journals, and archived writings are scanned with precision. These documents often contain invaluable historical data and personal anecdotes that are digitized for research and preservation.

Legal and Financial Documents

Books containing legal statutes, case files, or financial records are handled with the highest confidentiality and precision. These are often required in digital form for ease of access and to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

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Magazines and Periodicals

We also digitize magazines and periodicals, which helps publishers and libraries archive past editions and makes them easily searchable for readers and researchers.

Document Scanning Building Plans

Technical and Scientific Workbooks

Technical manuals, scientific workbooks, and lab notebooks are scanned to safeguard intellectual property and to support digital access to technical information, diagrams, and schematics.

Book Scanning FAQs

PROSCAN® scans a variety of books, including textbooks, rare and antique books, manuscripts, legal and financial documents, magazines, technical manuals, religious texts, and personal diaries.

No, PROSCAN® uses non-destructive scanning techniques to ensure that the original book is not damaged during the scanning process.

Yes, our equipment is capable of scanning bound books without the need to disassemble them, preserving their original condition.

Scanned books can be delivered in various digital formats such as PDF, TIFF, JPEG, or editable formats like Word, depending on client requirements.

The time required to scan a book depends on the book’s size and the specific requirements of the project. PROSCAN® offers quick turnaround times, which can be discussed during the initial consultation.

Yes, PROSCAN® can apply Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to make texts searchable, which is particularly useful for academic and professional purposes.

Yes, PROSCAN® typically offers a sample scan to demonstrate the quality and accuracy of our scanning process before commencing a large-scale project.

PROSCAN® adheres to strict data protection and confidentiality policies, ensuring all materials are handled securely throughout the scanning process.

The cost varies based on the type of book, its condition, and the specific services required. PROSCAN® provides custom quotes based on these factors.

Yes, PROSCAN® specializes in handling large-scale scanning projects for libraries, institutions, and private collections.

PROSCAN® offers minor repair services for damaged pages or bindings to ensure the best possible scanning quality.

Digitizing books helps preserve the content, save physical space, enhance accessibility, and make the content easily shareable and searchable.

Books should be free of any attachments like paper clips or bookmarks, and any loose or torn pages should be noted before scanning. PROSCAN® can provide specific preparation guidelines based on the book type and project requirements.

PROSCAN® can handle a wide range of book sizes and types. However, extremely large or unusually shaped books might require special arrangements to scan effectively.

You can start by contacting PROSCAN® directly through our website or customer service line to discuss your needs and receive a custom quote tailored to your project's specifics.

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