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Document Shredding Services

Effective document management is critical in protecting sensitive information. Initially, PROSCAN® scanning services convert physical records to digital formats, enhancing accessibility and security. As these documents age, secure shredding by PROSHRED® becomes essential, ensuring complete destruction compliant with strict regulations. This integration of beginning-to-end services allows businesses to confidently manage their document lifecycles, preventing security breaches and maintaining privacy. Together, PROSCAN® and PROSHRED® offer a seamless, secure solution from creation to destruction, establishing their leadership in document management.

Document Shredding Services

Scan & Shred Bookends of Document Management

Document Lifecycle Management

Document lifecycle management involves overseeing documents from their inception to their final disposal. This process ensures that critical information is preserved during its useful life and securely destroyed when no longer needed. Scanning and shredding are integral at opposite ends of this lifecycle, acting as protective bookends that maintain the integrity and confidentiality of information.

Scanning for Digital Preservation

Scanning is the first critical step in document management. By converting physical papers into digital formats, scanning services like those offered by PROSCAN® help preserve the longevity and accessibility of information. Digital documents are easier to store, search, and share, which enhances efficiency and reduces physical storage costs. Importantly, scanning also serves as a preemptive security measure. Digital files can be encrypted, backed up, and protected with advanced cybersecurity measures that are not possible with physical documents.

Shredding for Secure Disposal

Once documents are no longer needed, secure shredding ensures their complete destruction in a manner that is both compliant with privacy laws and protective of sensitive information. PROSHRED® specializes in methods that obliterate documents to a degree that they cannot be reconstructed. This practice is crucial for preventing unauthorized access to confidential data and for complying with legal standards such as HIPAA for healthcare, FACTA for consumer rights, and GDPR for data protection in the EU. Shredding not only secures information in its final stage but also completes the protective cycle initiated by scanning, fully eliminating any data breach risks associated with improper disposal.

Total Solution For Your Documents

Together, scanning and shredding encapsulate the complete document lifecycle. PROSCAN® andPROSHRED® synergistically ensure that sensitive information is securely managed from its digital conversion to its final physical destruction, thus safeguarding both the data and the environment. This comprehensive approach not only meets but often exceeds industry standards for information management and security.

Comprehensive Shredding Services by PROSHRED®

On-Site Document Shredding

On-site Document Shredding

On-site shredding ensures immediate, secure destruction at your location. Clients can witness the process, enhancing trust and convenience by eliminating the need to transport sensitive documents off-site.

One-Time Document Clean-up

One-time Cleanout Shredding

Perfect for disposing of large paper volumes during office cleanouts or moves, one-time cleanout shredding eliminates outdated documents swiftly and securely, helping free up space and maintain compliance.

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Regularly Scheduled Shredding

This service provides ongoing protection with scheduled shredding sessions, ensuring consistent document destruction and compliance, complete with certificates of destruction for peace of mind.


Drop-off Shredding Services

Drop-off shredding allows for the transport of documents to PROSHRED® locations yourself, suitable for small volumes needing immediate destruction under stringent security standards.

Document Shredding Services E Waste

Electronic E-Waste Disposal

E-waste disposal services safely recycle old electronics while ensuring all data is completely destroyed. This environmentally friendly solution prevents hazardous waste while protecting data integrity.

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Home-Office Shredding Services

Home-office shredding services are tailored for remote workers or home-based businesses, ensuring secure document destruction with the convenience of services either at home or nearby locations.

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Hard Drive Destruction

Hard drive destruction services permanently destroy digital data storage devices, ensuring all contained information is irrecoverable. This service uses specialized machinery to physically dismantle the hard drive, providing a secure end-of-life data solution.

Residential Shredding

Residential Shredding Services

Residential shredding caters to individual shredding needs, providing secure, efficient destruction of personal documents directly at your home or at drop-off locations, ensuring privacy and helping prevent identity theft.

PROSHRED®'s Document Shredding Process

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Our experienced and trained professionals will come to your residence or business to take care of all your shredding needs.

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Your documents, hard drives, or retail products are destroyed on-site, in our mobile shredding truck and you can watch the whole process.

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Once your private information is securely destroyed, you receive an official Certificate of destruction containing date and time of service.

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We take preserving the environment seriously! All of your shredded materials are taken to recycling facilities for further processing.

Document Shredding Services

Integrating PROSCAN® & PROSHRED® Services

Integrating PROSCAN®'s scanning services with PROSHRED®’s shredding solutions creates a seamless document management system from inception to destruction. Initially, PROSCAN® digitizes physical documents, enhancing data accessibility and security, which simplifies records management and compliance oversight. As these documents become obsolete, PROSHRED® ensures secure, compliant destruction, effectively preventing data breaches. Managing both scanning and shredding under one umbrella simplifies workflows, reduces costs, and heightens security throughout the document lifecycle. This comprehensive approach not only streamlines document handling but also fortifies data protection protocols, making it an optimal strategy for businesses aiming to safeguard their information assets efficiently.

Document Shredding & Scanning FAQs


Document shredding is the process of cutting physical documents into smaller pieces to ensure the information they contain is completely unreadable. PROSHRED® provides both on-site and off-site shredding services to meet various security needs.

Shredding documents prevents identity theft and corporate espionage by destroying sensitive information securely. PROSHRED® helps comply with privacy laws and protects confidential data.

On-site shredding by PROSHRED® involves mobile shredding trucks that come to your location to destroy documents securely on your premises, allowing you to witness the process.

Yes, PROSHRED® offers clients the opportunity to witness the shredding process during on-site shredding to ensure peace of mind and verify the integrity of our secure shredding service.

Ensure the shredding service is NAID AAA certified, offers both on-site and off-site shredding, uses cross-cut shredders for finer destruction, and provides certificates of destruction like PROSHRED®.

The frequency of shredding depends on your volume of sensitive information and specific compliance requirements. PROSHRED® offers flexible scheduling for regularly scheduled shredding services.

Any document containing personal, financial, or confidential information should be shredded to prevent data theft. This includes outdated business documents, personal identification documents, and financial records.

PROSHRED® responsibly recycles all shredded paper, helping to conserve environmental resources while ensuring that your information is irretrievably destroyed.

Yes, PROSHRED® is equipped to handle large-scale shredding projects with our fleet of mobile shredding trucks and comprehensive facility-based shredders for off-site destruction.

On-site shredding provides the highest level of security because the shredding happens in your presence. However, PROSHRED®’s off-site shredding also maintains strict security protocols to ensure safe document destruction.

No, PROSHRED®’s shredders can handle staples, paper clips, and other small metal fasteners, so you do not need to remove them before shredding.

A certificate of destruction provided by PROSHRED® after every shredding operation proves that your documents have been securely destroyed, helping you comply with legal and regulatory requirements.

Yes, PROSHRED® offers residential shredding services that are secure, convenient, and designed to protect your personal information from identity theft.

Regularly scheduled shredding services from PROSHRED® ensure that sensitive documents are destroyed on a routine basis, reducing the risk of data breaches and helping businesses maintain compliance with data protection regulations.

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