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July 7, 2020

To Scan or Not to Scan

Man scanning a document.

An electronic office, and electronic content management systems, provide numerous benefits and efficiencies to their users. Along with providing enhanced productivity and efficiency, an electronic management system also allows for improved security, accessibility, collaboration, and communication. Together, these benefits assist the user in meeting regulatory compliance needs and providing superior customer service, while reducing errors and vulnerability among their processes.

Although a highly advantageous solution, the task of converting to a digital system can be daunting, especially for companies and businesses that have operated for many years and thus accumulated a high volume of paper files. For some, the task of converting their paper-based filing system to an electronic system becomes so overwhelming that they avoid the subject altogether. The unfortunate consequence of avoidance, however, is that it only exacerbates the problem. A successful business or organization will continue to generate files at a staggering rate, which only magnifies the task of conversion, and makes the idea of an electronic office that much more daunting.

For those that resolve to make the transition, there are still many decisions that will need to be made. You will first have to decide whether to tackle the project in-house or to outsource the work to a scanning vendor (See In-House vs Outsourcing). You will also need to decide what to scan, and how to organize and index the electronic files. If you have chosen to perform the work in-house, you will have the added decisions of what equipment to purchase, what software will be needed, and how you will staff the project (these are some of the areas that a qualified scanning vendor will be able to assist you with).

If you are an individual or business, contemplating whether to convert your paper-based filing system to an electronic one, PROSCAN® Solutions is here to help. Contact us today for more information on our consultative services.

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