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August 4, 2021

Ultimate Guide to Document Scanning | PROSCAN® Solutions

Comprehensive Manual on Document Digitization: All You Need to Understand About PROSCAN® Solutions

The American workplace looks much different today than it used to. Advances in technology have rapidly changed day-to-day operations for businesses and organizations in every industry. With an ever-growing need for instant information, the prevalence of fast-paced work environments, and more people working remotely than ever before, information sharing, and document storage have increasingly become a time-consuming, thankless task.

Managing data in all its forms has always been crucial to operating a successful business. But now that much of the world has undergone digital transformation, the task of document management has changed as well. Electronic file keeping is on the rise as old-fashioned models of keeping filing cabinets and warehouses full of archived documents are falling to the wayside.

Fortunately, there are resources like PROSCAN® Solutions available for companies looking to make the switch to electronic record keeping.

Preserve Files with On-Site Document Scanning Services

PROSCAN® Solutions is a full-service document scanning and imaging company. Under the umbrella of our parent company, PROSHRED® Security, we supply organizations of all sizes with a means to preserve their physical documents in an easily accessible digital format.

PROSCAN® is a leading provider of flexible, scalable solutions, including document scanning, document management software, and paper shredding services. When you need to streamline your business operations, we’ve got you covered, whether you have a hundred documents or thousands of boxes full. There is no job too small or too large!

Why use a document scanning service?

Document scanning is perhaps the most labor-intensive office task next to paper shredding, and that’s why it makes sense to hire a knowledgeable company to assist with digitizing and preserving your physical documents.

Our document scanning services utilize high-speed scanning equipment to create a superior quality image, all in a fraction of the time of a typical office scanner. Not only do these services save you time and money but outsourcing these time-consuming tasks will give your employees the freedom to tackle projects that will produce the greatest results for your company. Converting to electronic file keeping also means that data will be more easily accessible companywide, in addition to removing unnecessary clutter and improving customer service.

Who should use document scanning services?

Document scanning services are a good fit for any business looking to create a more streamlined workflow. The most common types of customers we see include organizations that are moving offices, closing their business, consolidating, or reducing staff. We also service customers who are solely looking to move toward a no-paper business model, or who have a lot of legacy documents they cannot legally destroy.

While any type of client can benefit from our secure document scanning services, there are a few specific industries we serve regularly:


Protected healthcare information is one of the most sensitive types of data we deal with. But that doesn’t mean that hospitals and doctor’s offices need to stay chained to paper patient files forever. With document scanning and management services, providers can have secure access to patient files on demand, without the need to comb through physical records.


You’d be hard-pressed to find another industry holding on harder to paper records than the legal field. But modern firms are quickly coming to understand the advantages of digitized records for firm-wide collaboration and the ease of instant access to important documents.


No one wants to waste a client’s valuable time flipping through paper documents and files, especially during a consultation. With digital records, you can instantly pull up customer files when and where you need them.


For many colleges and educational institutions, there is a constant influx of records like student transcripts, financial aid documents, and personal contact information. Document scanning and management services let you keep track of important data without having to store files off-site.


Keeping track of work orders and vendor profiles within a large manufacturing company can be a big task. Eliminate wasted time spent looking for information in paper files with digital document solutions.

Scanning Solutions For Small Businesses

Digital scan solutions aren’t just for big corporations or companies with thousands of documents to convert. Small businesses can benefit from scanning solutions to jump-start their zero-paper initiatives or save space in already tight quarters. If you’re curious if PROSCAN® document scanning is right for your business, give us a call today! 1-877-767-4733

The PROSCAN® Process: How We Scan Your Files

Once a company decides to start the process of scanning documents, it will likely begin by obtaining quotes. Our service is priced per page, with added benefits including bundled services and no fee for preparing the documents. We also use scanning technology that allows users to search for words within their scanned documents for easy access and organization.

With PROSCAN®, every project is priced and handled differently depending on the needs of the customer. Typically, we will arrange with the customer to either pick up all the boxes, provide shipping, or set up our scanning equipment on-site. Once we have the documents in our custody, we begin preparing them for scanning. This includes removing the documents from boxes or folders and removing any paperclips, staples, or other binding materials.

Each customer identifies how they would like their documents to be tagged, or “indexed.” We turn the papers into PDF files, or another electronic file format if desired by the client.

After this data entry stage, we perform a quality assurance check on each page before exporting the electronic files. Many of our clients prefer that we transfer the digital records to them with a USB drive or a Google transfer link, but there are multiple other options for delivery as well.

Once the documents have been digitized, we provide customers with the option to use our paper shredding services. Occasionally, a customer will want the documents back, but often, we are asked to provide document destruction services to securely destroy any unwanted papers. Customers are also given 30 days to look at the scanned images and report any issues or errors.

PROSCAN® Document Management Systems

To help facilitate the continued use of digital documents, clients can opt for an ongoing solution: smart document management.

With this service, clients are assigned an ID and password that allows them to log in to a document management system. These systems use specialized computer software to store, manage, and track digital documents. This reduces storage and retrieval costs as well as improves the efficiency and productivity of core operations.

Document management systems can also provide much more than storage and management: they can be used to map workflows, create authorizations, manage protocols, and share progress reports, among other useful applications. If you’ve ever wished you could take paper documents and quickly extract data, capture key insights, or assess progress in a digital format, a smart document management system would be a perfect fit for you.

Advanced Software for Easy Access to Your Important Documents

For our document management services, we can employ a variety of advanced technology and computer software to help you achieve your business goals.

OCR Scanning

Our machines use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) scanning software to capture data automatically, extracting it to make data entry and searching quick and easy. This tool also corrects any shifts of the papers during the scanning process to help ensure quality data extraction.

SmartSearch Software

SmartSearch Professional Edition is the core product suite for document management at PROSCAN®. This software stores, searches, and manages images and electronic documents, giving you web access to your important files as well as keeping documents organized for audit reporting. We also offer other document management software including GlobalForms and GlobalSearch, and more advanced software like Work XChange.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

These two kinds of software take data management systems to the next level, helping you integrate the processes that are essential to your organization. These systems drastically reduce time spent locating and retrieving documents and filing, copying, and shipping expenses.

Cloud Data Management

Managing your electronic documents is easy, affordable, and secure with our cloud data management services.

Benefits of Document Scanning and Management Services

If you’re looking to streamline your business’s operations, document scanning and management services have benefits that can’t be overlooked.

Save Space

Using physical documents for record-keeping can quickly fill up a room (or warehouse) if you’re not careful. With document scanning and management services, you’ll have less space taken up by physical files and be able to reduce your document storage footprint.

Find Documents Easily

Because of the advanced software used to scan your documents, you’ll be able to find perfectly labeled and indexed documents in seconds, instead of digging through mountains of paperwork. This way, you’ll spend less time looking for files, and more time growing your business.

Share Documents in a Hassle-Free Manner

Using a document management system will allow you to share digital files easily within your organization, providing you a more efficient way to share information with a co-worker who is on another floor, or in another building.

Comply with Legislation

Using a document management system that includes customizable access permissions will keep your information safe from unauthorized persons. You can also store electronic documents as backups for physical papers to keep compliance with state or federal legislation and keep information easily accessible for audits.

Bundled Services for the Best Value in Document Management

One of the best benefits of choosing PROSCAN® for your document scanning and management solutions is that our services are bundled, which means we include all the elements for digital transformation within one price. This price includes transportation of your documents, preparation of the files, scanning, document management, and any paper shredding or document storage solutions needed.

Document Storage Solutions

Sometimes, companies are not legally able to shred documents or are just not ready to let go of them after scanning. When this happens, we can provide document storage services! These off-site storage solutions will keep your documents stored safely away from information thieves, as well as protect them from damage due to inclement weather, water, or fire. We also ensure the documents are easy to retrieve when you need them.

Document Destruction Services

When you’re ready to dispose of documents after they have been scanned into a management system, we have the resources to do that. Our document destruction services can give you peace of mind that no one will be able to use these paper documents against you. We offer one-time paper shredding for businesses that want to dispose of a single batch of documents following the document scanning process, as well as ongoing shredding services for businesses that will be scanning and uploading documents into their document management system regularly.

With the ongoing service, we place shredding bins or consoles at your office for the collection of sensitive documents. You schedule a day and time for us to bring a mobile shredding truck to your location, where we shred the documents on-site and right before your eyes. Pricing is based on the number of documents to be shred, and 100% of the shredded paper is recycled by our local recycling partners.

Why Choose PROSCAN®?

While our parent company PROSHRED® Security is known for its shredding services, which destroy the information to protect companies from theft, liability, and fraud, our mission is to preserve documents by converting them to a digital form. These two functions work together seamlessly to help preserve and protect your confidential information. Our customers choose us for their professional document scanning services because of our reputation as a leader in information security, and because we offer:

Custom Scanning and Document Management Solutions

There isn’t a project that we can’t do. We have the capability to customize a package for each customer, ensuring our document management solutions will work with their existing internal processes.

Scanning Services Nationwide

Our services are available on a national scale, so we can service accounts all around the U.S. With our on-site services, we can set up shop at one of the dozens of PROSHRED® Security branches across the country or set up at the customer’s location.

Competitive Pricing

Many document scanning companies will charge per character for scanning; we charge per image. And for no additional charge, customers have access to software that allows them to search for specific words or phrases within the scanned documents.

Bundled Services

Our unique bundling of scanning, document management, and paper shredding services means you can have all your documents securely digitized and shred by the same company for one great price.

High Standards for Quality Assurance

We go page-by-page and check every image for quality before turning the files over to the client. We also make sure that if the customer had predetermined settings, that those documents were scanned appropriately.

Invest in Digital Documents with Simple Solutions from PROSCAN®

At PROSCAN® Solutions, we’re experts in providing digital document solutions for our clients to help their businesses thrive. By creating quality scans, providing easily searchable digital documents, and offering convenient document destruction when desired, we provide the industry’s most comprehensive document management services. We want you to feel good about the investment you’re making in having your paper records and legacy documents digitized, so we always keep your information security at top of mind throughout the scanning and shredding process. If you have any questions about any of our services or want to know where you can find a PROSHRED® Security branch near you, give us a call: 1-877-767-4733

Branches That Offer Document Scanning Services Near You:**

Albany, NY Scanning Services

Buffalo, NY Scanning Services

Charlotte, NC Document Scanning

Chicago, IL Document Scanning

Connecticut Scanning Services

Fort Lauderdale, FL Scanning Services

Kansas City, KS Scanning Services

Miami, FL Scanning Services

Milwaukee, WI Scanning Services

Springfield, MA Scanning Services

New Jersey, North Scanning Services

New York, NY Scanning Services

Northern Virginia Scanning Services

Rochester, NY Scanning Services

San Diego, CA Document Scanning

Syracuse, NY Scanning Services

Watertown, NY Scanning Services

Frequently Asked Questions About Document Scanning


Where can I scan documents near me?

PROSCAN® Solutions offers complete document scanning and document management solutions for organizations of all sizes. Give us a call to find out more.

How do I scan and archive documents?

Scanning and archiving large volumes of documents are best left to the professionals: PROSCAN® Solutions uses state-of-the-art technology to capture high-quality images quickly, saving you time and money.

What is a legacy document?

Legacy documents are essential business records that every organization needs to retain. These include incorporation documents, business licenses, tax returns, legal documents, and active contracts.

What is the benefit of digitizing documents?

The benefits of converting physical documents to digital files are numerous: this service will save space at your office, make locating documents easy, allow you to quickly share documents within your organization, and help ensure compliance with state and federal legislation. Contact us today for a quote!

What is OCR?

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. PROSCAN® Solutions offers this technology as part of document management services to extract words and numbers from scanned documents and aid data entry and information retrieval.

How much do document scanning services cost?

PROSCAN® Solutions provides an individual quote for each job, depending on the volume of papers to be scanned, as well as other factors. Following a consultation with the client, we create a detailed plan and provide accurate pricing information.

What is document management?

Document management refers to the use of computer systems to organize and store scanned images of important documents. PROSCAN® Solutions document management services also include ways to share progress reports and automate workflow for increased efficiency within your organization.

How to manage important documents?

Digitizing important documents with the help of a professional document scanning and management service means easy access to the information you need, whenever you need it. Reduce time spent searching for paper records and improve productivity with services from PROSCAN® Solutions.

What does document management software do?

Document management software allows businesses to index, store, retrieve, and share electronic documents easily and quickly. PROSCAN® Solutions provides document management solutions tailored to individual customer needs.


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